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Ladies’ Pearl

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1852- 1884


The Ladies' Pearl was a monthly publication, issued at Alton, and published in the interest and under the auspices of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Dr. J.B. Logan and Rev. W.W. Brown were the editors. It was started in the summer of 1857 and continued until the breaking out of the war in 1861 when it suspended.

(From The History of Madison County, Illinois by W.R. Brink & Co. 1882).

Prospectus for The Ladies’ Pearl for Volume IX

            The Proprietors will improve the PEARL, and considerably increase the inducements to the Ladies of the West, to patronize it, during the next year.
            The PEARL will contain the biographies of some of our ministers, if possible one in each number, accompanied if practicable, by a correct likeness of the person whose life and labors are sketched.
           We have promise of the aid of some of the ablest pens in the Church, or West, as contributors.
            Each number will contain pictorial illustrations, which will at once beautify and interest.
            The Editors will devote more time to writing and preparing papers for the PEARL.
            We expect to publish on good paper, and the mechanical workmanship to be the very best.
            The PEARL will come filled each month with such original matter as will make it not inferior to any journal of the kind in the whole country. As soon as the patronage will justify, we shall enlarge.
            Since the Magazine has been in our hands, a financial pressure of unprecedented severity has spread all over the North-West, and some extent in the South. This has operated very injuriously to our circulation, as our terms are cash in advance. But these “hard times” are passing away, and a brighter day is opening upon us.
            It is our anxious desire to make the Pearl, both handsome, and useful to the Church and the world.
            We shall bring to bear all our accumulating experience in publishing, to make the PEARL all that its most ardent friends desire.
            What we have done, thus far, has been through great embarrassment and many difficulties. But our confidence in success of the enterprise is unabated, and we believe that there is no periodical in the Church, that can do more good that a ladies’ journal devoted to Literature and Religion, provided the effort is seconded by the friends of literature and religion.
             Ladies, support your own journal.
             Ladies, support your home journal.
            Our figures for 1861 are to DOUBLE OUR SUBSCRIPTION. Who will help us? We will see.

            (Originally published in The Ladies’ Pearl March 1861).

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