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Publication Name:

The Representative and Belleville News

Years in print:

1837- ?


​From the first issue:

To Our Readers.

            In this, our first Number, it may not be amiss to state, briskly, the course we shall pursue in this Journal. It intended emphatically to be a NEWS Paper, furnishing useful information on all subjects of Agricultural, Commercial, and Political interest, giving occurrences as they happen, and facts as they exist, without any false coloring or misrepresentation.

            We shall always endeavor to show the true state of affairs, whether such news may be pleasing or not to a majority of our readers; as we consider that any attempt to hoodwink the Public by suppressing disagreeable truths, and publishing acceptable falsehoods, is a cheat upon their judgment and understanding, which is sure to terminate in dissatisfaction and disappointment.

            In is our intention to select from the best Periodicals in the country such articles as will be profitable in their perusal; and we promise not to inflict our own crude notions on our readers, to the exclusion of any thing of interest, and personal altercations with contemporaries – mostly uninteresting to the general reader – will be studiously avoided.

            It may be proper to repeat here what is stated in the Prospectus, that we shall, with untiring zeal, use all our energy to promote the Principles avowed by the Democratic Party, which it is unnecessary here to recapitulate.

            The columns of the Representative will always be kept clear of abuse and scurrility and will be open to the Public for the temperate discussion of such subjects as may be deemed of public interest.

            In conclusion, we will observe that as it is our intention to make this a Paper for the People, and we look to them for such patronage as they may think the effect deserving of.

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