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St. Clair County Observer

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1965- ?


Publisher’s Statement of Policy
This is the first issue of the St. Clair County Observer, a new weekly paper designed to bring you the news of happenings in your community. Its delivery to your home is made possible by the advertisers who use our columns.
At the invitation of a representative group of merchants and the East St. Louis Chamber of Commerce we decided on this venture. This newspaper does not intend to replace the daily which ceased publication in December due to a strike. It will most certainly resume and therer is most certainly room for a good weekly newspaper.
I am also publisher of a weekly newspaper in St. Louis County, the St. Louis County Observer, which has been in continuous publication since May 10, 1934. During this entire time we have printed our paper at the Reporter Publishing Company in East St. Louis, so we are not exactly strangers to your community.
The policies which I as publisher established in 1934 will also be followed by The St. Clair County Observer. Politically we are independent, but are never hesitant to take a definite stand where issues are concerned.
We at all times attempt to report BOTH sides in so far as the facts are available. The welfare of the people in the communities we serve is our prime interest.
Our news policies are dictated by no one person, group or advertisers. We print the truth without fear of favor, let the chips fall where they may.
We hope we will always be welcome in your home each Thursday. And as far as we can possibly ascertain, everything we publish will be the truth whether it be in our news or advertising columns.
We welcome news about yourself, your family and friends, and about the organizations and groups to which you belong. We will print as much of this news as space permits.
There is no charge for this newspaper. You can show your appreciation by letting our advertisers know you have read their message in our newspaper. If your carrier does not leave the paper regularly we want to know about it.
When you have reason to advertise something we invite you to use our want ad columns which will begin as soon as we get completely organized.
It is our intention to establish offices in your city as quickly as possible. We will be wanting news correspondents in the various communities.
This newspaper will carry features to please you and we welcome your comments and suggestions at all times. And as we get to know your ever-growing communities better we will do our job better.
Meanwhile please bear with us in this initial period and look for our newspaper each week.
Abner E. Rosenblatt, Publisher (March 1965)

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