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Publication Name:

St. Clair Gazette

Years in print:

1833- 1838


In 1833, Robt. K. Fleming, editor and publisher of the Kaskaskia Recorder, was induced to move his press to Belleville by the prominent and representative men of St. Clair County, who pledged him their support and patronage. In accordance with their wishes he packed up the type and presses, and with his family, moved to Belleville. As soon as he could lay out his office he commenced publication of the St. Clair Gazette. Its first appearance was about December 20th, 1833. The paper was continued by him for a number of years, under many disadvantages. The publication was often interrupted, owing to financial difficulties and other causes incident to the establishing of a newspaper in the pioneer days of Illinois. He changed the name of the Gazette to the St. Clair Mercury.
(From the History of St. Clair County, Illinois by Brink, McDonough & Co. 1881).

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St. Clair Gazette


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