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Star of the West

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1822- 1823


The Star of the West was the second candidate for journalistic favors in Madison county, and the fourth paper published in the state. In August, 1822, Mr. Miller and son, natives of Pennsylvania, came west seeking a location to establish a printing office. They brought a press and type with them. They stopped in Edwardsville, and here were induced by promises of support and patronage, to remain and commence the publication of a newspaper. Their arrival was opportune, as an organ of the Convention party was wanted and needed to counteract the force of the Spectator. Arrangements were made with some of the leading citizens to furnish the necessary capital with which to purchase paper, ink and other incidental expenses contingent upon the starting of a newspaper...The interest of the contributers was represented by Mr. Stine. The firm was Miller & Stine, and under their management the first issue was made, the date of which was September 14, 1822. They conducted the paper for six months, when it passed into the possession of Thomas J. McGuire & Co. They changed the name to the Illinois Republican.(From The History of Madison County, Illinois, W.R. Brink & Co., 1882)

The Star of the West was established at Edwardsville as an opponent of Warren's Spectator, the first issue making its appearance Sept. 14, 1822, with Theophilus W. Smith, afterwards a justice of the Supreme Court, as its reputed editor. A few monthe later it passed into new hands, and, in August, 1823, assumed the name of The Illinois Republican.
(From the Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois edited by Newton Bateman  and Paul Selby, 1907).

Var.: Edwardsville Star of the West

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