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Stern des Westens

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1866- 1877


Stern Des Westens

            After the offices were moved to Belleville, ownership passed from Schmall into the possession of Semmelroth and Kircher on May 15, 1866, then Kircher sold to Daniel Hertel, who was editor. Subsequently Hertel retired from the paper, and Semmelroth became sole proprietor. Henry Huhn had editorial charge from 1868 to 1872, when the paper was sold to Frederick E. Scheel, who continued both the daily and weekly until until Oct. 20th, 1877, at which time it was sold to the Zeitung and consolidated with that paper.

            Under Scheel’s administration the Stern Des Westens was conducted with vigor and ability. He made it a live newspaper and the organ of his party in the local Congressional district.

            (From the History of St. Clair County, Illinois).

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