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Western Pioneer and Baptist Standard Bearer

Years in print:

1836- 1839


In 1836, the operation of the Pioneer was moved from Rock Spring in St. Clair County to Alton, and the first number of the Western Pioneer and Baptist Standard Bearer issued Sept. 14, 1836. It was edited by Rev. John M. Peck, E. Rogers and Rev. Washington Leverett. With the commencement of the 24 volume the words "Baptist Standard Bearer" were dropped , and it was then known as the Western Pioneer. It was the organ of the Baptist church throughout the west and was the pioneer religious paper west of Ohio. That is was ably conducted, it is sufficient to know that John M. Peck was its controlling genius and supporter.   

(From The History of Madison County, Illinois by W.R. Brink & Co. 1882).       

In 1836, the paper was printed in Upper Alton in a frame building, 30' by 12'. Paper merged with the Baptist Banner & Western Pioneer in Louisville in 1839.

(From the History of St. Clair County, Illinois).

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