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Greater St. Louis Jewish Star

Years in print:

1954- 1955


Weekly. Charles Klotzer, editor/publisher.
Var.: Jewish Star

A Star Is Born

With the trusting hope of the newborn, The Greater St. Louis Jewish Star enters the homes of the Jewish community to present a mosaic of thougjhts and activities. The responsibility of publishing a Jewish newspaper, any newspaper, rests mainly on self-control. The temptation to fuse the editorial and news sections overcomes many a victim. Whatever opinions the editorials of the Jewish Star will reflect, they will absolutely be of no relevance in the publication of news or columns. The Jewish Star will be at the service of the total Jewish community and not any one organization or individual.
The quality of the Jewish Star will not exclusively depend on our staff. It will, to a degree, also reflect the cooperation and the interest of the community at large. The staff will do their utmost to have the Jewish Star carry a comprehensive message of activities and reports each Monday. But all their efforts will be fruitless unless supported by the community. The past weeks indicate that nearly all local Jewish organizations, agencies and residents are not only willing but very enthusiastic in having a local Jewish paper. Their support and their criticism , which is the reward for our work, will be most welcome.
(Originally published in the Greater St. Louis Jewish Star 9/6/1954.)

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