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St. Louis County News

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The St. Louis County News came out January 30, 1877. The gentlemen connected with the News were Cortez A. Kitchen (a man of great ability who occupied many positions of honor and trust under the state and city governments, as well as having most creditably a vast number of newspaper assignments), General Marcus J. Wright, D.C. Irwin and Samuel Hager. The last-named two were proprietors of the publication until August 1, [1877] on which date the dissolution of the partnership was advertised, Mr. Hager buying out Mr. Irwin’s interests…The News plant was sold August 16, 1877, being purchased by the owner of the Weekly Mail, the latter paper being sent to fill all unexpired subscriptions of the former’s subscribers.

(Reprinted from The History of St. Louis County by William L. Thomas, 1911).

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