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The Raven

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A literary magazine of the day. Dr. Ralcy Husted Bell, editor; Raven Publishing Company. 

Publisher's Announcement
Of the making of magazines there is no end. Well, who cares? The field is broad enough for infinite variety. The potatoes are not all dug - or if they are they certainly have not all been roasted. Besides, there are some scattered wild-flowers yet which have been overlooked. Some of these may be gathered. The Raven shall make no attempt to please everybody. What's the use! But it will make every legitimate effort to be thought well of by good people - folks with sense. It will always be glad to serve its friends - remember that! - with the understanding of course that even friends are not always expected to think alike on all subjects. But that should make no difference, except among savages.
Those who do not relish The Raven may eat crow, for all The Raven cares. And so in the words of Dr. William Colby Cooper, "as she slips she slides!" and that's all there is to it, this time. Next time you'll know more.

(Published in the May, 1900 issue.)

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