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Patience Worth's Magazine

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"The sole purpose of this publication is to spread and to interpret the words of Patience Worth. It is not a medium of occultism nor of psychical research. It will not concern itself with kindred phenomena of any character. It is not related to nor associated with any cult or society, nor has it any theories to present other than those based upon the words of Patience Worth. It is, in short, Patience Worth's magazine, nothing more, nothing less.
"It should be clearly understood that Patience Worth is not a 'fortune-teller.' She does not 'read the future.' She does not find lost property. She does not give advice upon business. She does not pretend to be a physical healer. It is, therefore, utterly useless to ask her service in any such matters, and it is worse than useless to send money to this publication, or to anyone associated with her, for such purposes."

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