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The Saint Louis Medical Reporter

Years in print:

1866- 1869


The Saint Louis Medical Reporter, a journal of general medicine and surgery, issued semi-monthly, first appeared March 1, 1866...At the end of the third volume, it was sold to the publisher...and the Reporter became a monthly. After a few issues it ceased to exist.
The Reporter is known as being the second medical journal west of the Mississippi, and the first to make use of illustrations in its pages. The wood engravings, made by St. Louis artists under the personal supervision of Dr. O.F. Potter, are works of art which are not to be surpassed...The editorial conduct was equally worthy of notice.
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri edited by Howard L. Conard, 1901).

To the medical profession:
As will be seen, the Medical Reporter will be issued on the 1st and 15th of each month, and it is hoped that the punctuality and regularity of its appearance will contribute not a little to the merit of the enterprise. Its object will be to develop, in every branch, Medicine, Surgery, and the Collateral Sciences. It is the determination of the editors rigidly to exclude all papers of a controversial character, whether personal or professional, thus offering, eminently and strictly, a conservative and scientific publication. 
It will be the effort of the editors, without promising more, to make the Reporter interesting and valuable by the variety and character of its contents; at the same time we desire, from the profession at large, a warm and earnest assistance. Encouraged by numerous and able collaborators, whose names, from time to time, will appear, it is hoped that each department will win respect and confidence. We would, in this connection, say that we shall always be ready and pleased to adopt suggestions from our patrons upon the character and kind of subjects which they wish to see elaborated in our pages; as they are entirely devoted to the interests of the profession, we can hope to be successful only by the sympathy which shall be manifested in our behalf. The pages of the Reporter will be devoted to Original and Selected Articles; to Correspondence, Domestic and Foreign; to Reports of Societies; to Clinical and other Lectures; to the Department of Dentistry, in which we shall be favored by regular and valuable communications; to Reviews and Bibliographical Notices, to which we shall give that earnest and thorough attention due to the courtesy and confidence of those who may favor us with their publications; to Editorials, Medical News, Miscellanies, etc. As matters of local interest, we desire to afford place to the marriages and deaths which may occur in the families of physicials, also to the vital statistics of St. Louis. In fine, whatever of interest or value can be found for our readers, we shall give to the best of our ability, promising, in the discharge of our editorial trust, to use our most faithful and earnest endeavors, and in the position which we assume toward the medical profession, to act without fear or favor; and thus, while we shall not endorse the medical opinions that may be advanced by our contributors, leaving them to maintain their own grounds, we shall reserve to ourselves the right of judge\ment upon the value and propriety of articles that may be offered for publication, thus seeking to protect our own reputation and preserve the good will of those who may have reposed in us heir confidence. (Published 3/1/1866)

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