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El Comercio del Valle

Years in print:

1876- 1890


El Comercio del Valle, a monthly, devoted to the development of trade with the Spanish-speaking countries, Mexico, South America, etc., was published by John F. Cahill, Mexican Consul in St. Louis, from 1876...From 1864 to 1872 Mr. Cahill was in the drug business in Cuba, where he acquired a knowledge of the Spanish tongue. Outside of his paper he has done some purely literary work. El Comercio del Valle was printed in Spanish and English.
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri by Alexander N. De Menil, 1901).

"The oldest Spanish-American commercial in the Mississsippi Valley." John F. Cahill, editor/publisher. "The organ of commercial and industrial interests of the United States and, in particular, the cities of the Mississippi Valley, in their relations with Spanish America. Published in the English and Spanish languages." Monthly.

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Comercio del Valle


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