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The Criterion

Years in print:

1882- 1883


F. Weber Benton issued the first number of The Criterion on May 6, 1882. Its contents consisted principally of short essays and papers on general literary topics; about one-sixth of its space was set aside for local dramatic and musical reviews...The Criterion lived until February, 1883. It contained from sixteen to twenty pages of three columns each.
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri by Alexander N. De Menil, 1901).

In May, 1882, was established The Criterion, a weekly, published by a company of that name; F. Weber Benton, editor and manager; John J. Roche, secretary. Mr. Benton had been editor of a country paper in Missouri. The Criterion was mainly devoted to the discussion of literary and social matters. It soon engaged the pens of the finest writers in the city, among them that of Dr. M.W. Willis, a scholarly contributor to some of the most prominent periodicals in America. It speedily obtained great popularity, but in February, 1883, was absorbed by The Spectator.
(From the History of St. Louis City and County by John Thomas Scharf, 1883).

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