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Daily Missouri Democrat

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1852- 1868


The Missouri Democrat

Richard Edwards and Dr. M. Hopewell

            The Missouri Democrat was established in 1852 by William McKee and William Hill under propitious auspices. All the patronage which had been bestowed upon the Sentinel and Union, two popular journals, was turned upon the new enterprise; for both of these papers were discontinued at the commencement of the Democrat, so that it could enter upon its career with the fairest prospects.

            The wants of the community required the establishment of a journal of political tenets advocated by the Democrat, for since the establishment of the “Barnburner” some years previously by Mr. McKee, in 1848, freesoilism had become very popular, and the new journal came into being with hosts of friends. In consequence of feeble health, Mr. Hill sold out his interest to Mr. George M. Fishback, a son of Judge Fishback, and a humorous and popular writer. He is the commercial editor of the paper, and is most efficient in that department.

            Day by day, the Democrat has been gathering strength and popularity, and now, in the eighth year of its existence, ranks second to no other paper in the great Mississippi Valley.

            (From Edwards’ Great West…And A Complete History of St. Louis, 1860).

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