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St. Louis Herald

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General interest monthly paper published by Cole Brothers. "Any person who will send his name to this Office, giving his Post Office address and occupation or business, will be considered a subscriber for one year and will receive the paper free of charge. And as we wish to give our paper as large a circulation as possible this year, we would request those who have received it to hand a copy to their neighbors and friends that they may avail themselves of this opportunity."

We present our paper to the public, not as a new publication, but simply with a new superstructure, built upon the foundations of an older institution.
The Lightning-Rod Herald, circulated largely through the Northwest, during the past year, and became known to the newspaper world and to the public generally, as a regular monthly issue. This is the foundation we build upon; the good will and patronage of that publication with all the accompaniments have been turned over to The St. Louis Herald, and retaining all the advantages of that paper, we shall try to add such new features as will make the Herald worthy of the attention we ask for it.
The Lightning-Rod Herald had some advantages not possessed by any other paper in the Mississippi Valley; being managed in the Lightning-Rod interest, it was circulated by more than one hundred interested persons from nearly as many of the principal cities and towns throughout the North-west, and from the same men it received information of the growing crops, reports of lightning incidents, etc. All these advantages are possessed in the fullest degree by the St. Louis Herald; a portion of our columns will be devoted to the Lightning Rod interest, and each issue will be distributed by from 150 to 200 agents and dealers, who will have a direct personal interest in circulating the paper to the best possible advantage in the richest agricultural districts of all the country tributary to St. Louis. It is upon these advantages more than upon any individual effort of our own that we rely for the success of our paper
It is a fact worthy of note that 66,000 copies of the Lightning-Rod Herald were issued during the year – 6,000 copies more than the circulation proposed. We call attention to this matter, in view of the fact that publications are likely to claim more rather than less than their actual circulation.
We do not promise to issue more than 5,000 copies monthly of the St. Louis Herald, but it will be to our interest to make the issue as large as possible, and we think it probable that we shall print at least 75,000 and possibly, 100,000 copies during the year.
The subjects of Electricity, Lightning Stroke and the best methods of protecting buildings from injury by Lightning, are of great scientific interest and public importance, and as discussions upon these subjects cannot fail to be of general interest, the Lightning-Rod department will doubtless find many readers.
In this country, Agriculture is the foundation of commerce, and governs every branch of trade, and from seed-time till harvest there is a constant inquiry in regard to the condition of the growing crop. To meet this demand, we have perfected arrangements by which we shall get “Crop Reports” regularly every month from all parts of the North-west, and each number of the Herald will contain a statement based upon these Reports.
Every man can understand the advantage of having before him each month a general statement of the growing crop, based upon original and reliable information, received directly from the producer, and we have no doubt that from this feature alone our paper will find favor wiith every man it reaches.
We have advantages in the distribution of our paper and the gathering of this particular type of information which are not possessed by any other paper, and we propose to use these advantages for the benefit of our patrons and readers.
Under these particularly favorable circumstances, we think we may reasonably hope to make the St. Louis Herald the best paper of its kind.

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