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Universal Magazine

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Hale Publishing Company

"The Universal Magazine will be a twenty-five-cent publication - that is, 25 cents a year. It will be published monthly. We intend to submit to our readers a good, clean, interesting, instructive publication. We will probably issue a large number of copies but we do not expect to publish a "give-away" paper. We will publish some advertisements, but we intend to keep out all forms of unreliability. Indeed, good advertising is good information.

This little pamphlet is called the Universal Magazine because it will be broad-gauged (sic) in opinions, boundless in range of subjects and unlimited as to the number of subscribers we hope to get. If any ambition is centered in the magazine by its founders, it is that people of all conditions in life will learn to look upon it as a welcome visitor and as a friend. We will have no elaborate system of subscription getting, and the Universal Magazine will have to work its way by its own merits."

(From Vol. 1, No. 1)

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Universal Magazine


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