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Out in STL

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Euclid Media Group. Chris Keating, publisher; Nicholas Phillips, editor. Quarterly.

"If national trends apply locally, four percent of St. Louis identifies as LGBTQ. On paper, that's just a number and string of letters; in real life, it's a rich mix of humans more than 100,000 strong  - and countless interesting stories.
It's those stories that compelled us to launch Out in STL. We know the mainstream media doesn't always do a great job of covering the issues that matter to you, much less representing the LGBTQ spectrum in all its diversity. We wanted to do our part to address that, with stories focused on the way you live and the things you care about: politics, personalities, food, arts, nightlife, travel, health and much more.
Out in STL is a quarterly product of Euclid Media Group, the parent company of the Riverfront Times. We're keenly aware of the challenges that print journalism faces in the digital age, but we're encouraged by the success of our sister publication in Texas, Out in SA. Just like that publication, which is now thriving in its third year, we intend to be completely local, both in terms of what we cover and the writers who contribute. And while the publishing business is still a business, we plan to donate a percentage of the proceeds for each future issue to a different local charity serving the LGBTQ community."
Nicholas Phillips, Editor
(Vol. 1, No. 1)

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