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St. Louis Republican 2

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Earl G. Bohnenkamp, Editor/Manager. Monthly. Possibly only one issue.


"We, the publishers of the St. Louis Republican, believe that too much has been said about billions and too little about dollars and cents. The purpose of this publication is to bring home to Mr. Citizen the fact that, regardless of his earning power, he contributes daily in the form of hidden taxes on the purchase of commodities necessary to sustain life to a system which, through wasteful policies of wreckless spending, cannot but add to his almost unbearable load of taxation.

Because they are not taxed directly, those in the lower income brackets seem unaware that they are taxed at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. "Soak the rich" propaganda has been used as a smoke screen to blind the worker to the undeniable fact that it is he who is being soaked and gradually wrung out by the New Dealers.
Our efforts will be to make the wokingman realize that HE, and HE alone, can put an end to the tax and spend program of the New Deal."
(From the first issue of the St. Louis Republican, May, 1940)

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St. Louis Republican 2


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