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On the Line

Years in print:

1970- 1971


Published by the St. Louis Media Project
"On the Line is put out by women and men who work in stores, factories, offices and communities around St. Louis. We have all had different kinds of community experience like helping set up the Women's Center, supporting the Coalition Against Lead Poisoning and working to end the war.
"We are working together now because we believe that working and poor people, whose sweat this country depends on, have little control over the institutions that affect our lives. Many problems are common to all people, but we remain divided: racist attitudes keep whites fighting blacks, sexist roles maintain the domination of women by men, the news we get tells us little about the oppression of our brothers and sisters around the world. And all these divisions are exploited by the men who run this country.
"We realize that the oppression of people by men who now wield economic power must be ended on all levels. We are struggling for a fundamental change in human relationships which will free us all from the oppression and allow us to develop as strong, united people. 
"We see On the Line as one way to understand our common interests--by reporting your struggles and those of people in other nations. We want to print what really happens at every level, so whether you're fighting for your rights in your factory, school or office, in the home, on the picket line, as a consumer or in your communities, let us know.
"We believe that we should put our beliefs into practice. We are a collective, which means that we share the decisions and the work of putting out the paper. That is why On the Line has no editor, no reporters, no clerical staff. By the time On the Line reaches you, all of us have shared in the planning, writing, production and distribution of it. We serve no business or private interests--we take no ads and sell the paper only to cover printing costs. 
"On the Line will support in whatever ways we can, with labor, information and resources, individuals and groupss who are organizing to change power relations. We will work together with poor and working St. Louisans who are trying to build power for themselves." 

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On the Line


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