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Deutsche Tribune

Years in print:

1844- 1850


On the 15th of July, 1844, appeared the Deutsche Tribune, published by N.R. Cormany, and printed entirely in German. The editor was Charles Jucksh, and the paper was issued every day in the week except Monday, the publication office being on Vine Street, between Main and Second. In March, 1845, Oswald Benckendorf became the editor.
The Tribune continued under the management of Cormany and Benckendorf until it was merged into the Democratic Tribune, under the management of J.G. Woerner.
(From the History of St. Louis City and County by John Thomas Scharf, 1883).

The Deutsche Tribune was issued in St. Louis in 1844. It was a daily paper of a decidedly Whig complexion. The publisher was N.R. Cormany; the printer, Charles Jucksh. In March, 1845, Oswald Benckendorf became the editor. Under his editorship the Deutsche Tribune rapidly grew in popularity and circulation and had soon outstripped its rival, the Anzeiger.
Following the great fire of 1849 an epidemic swept the city which caused the quarantining of many of the inhabitants. During this time the Tribune distributed copies of the paper among the German emigrants in quarantine, free of charge.
Cormany and Benckendorf continued control of the paper until 1850, when it was merged into the Democratic Tribune under the management of J.G. Woerner, afterwards judge of the Probate Court of St. Louis.
(From Early St. Louis Newspapers, 1808-1850, a Washington University dissertation by Dorothy Grace Brown, 1931).

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