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Publication Name:

Dyer’s News Letter

Years in print:

1896- 1898


Dyer's News-Letter went through the mail for the first time on February 8, 1896. It is a weekly of sixteen pages of four columns each, edited and published by George N. Dyer. It is devoted principally to local politics and personal items; theatrical and society matters, and notes on general occurrences of national importance fill the remaining space. It is strongly Republican in its affiliations...The editor has a plain way of stating what he believes to be facts. Prior to his beginning the publication of the News-Letter, he was connected with the business department of The Mirror. 
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri by Alexander N. De Menil, 1901).  

A weekly devoted to current comment, political gossip and personal paragraphs. Became The Censor.

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