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1998- 2004?


EXP Debuts

By Joe Pollack

            New for 1998 and aimed at the gay community, EXP is more serious than the average bar giveaway (or “bar rag,” as publisher Jeff Balk describes it).

            Balk speaks to the purpose of the magazine, and managing editor Brock Graham does a saloon gossip column. The layout is rather clean, though most of the pictures are of the snapshot variety. Serious articles include reporting on AIDS, on legal issues, on political races involving gay and gay-friendly candidates and an announcement of a “founding convention” of the National Foundation of Lesbian and Gay Democrats in Kansas City May 9-10. Book, movie and video reviews, too, along with lots of ads for restaurants, bars and social events.

            (Originally published in the St. Louis Journalism Review 5/1998).

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Citizens Industrial Exponent
Exporter & Importer
Jewish Express
St. Louis Lightning Express
The Exponent


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