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The American

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1904- ?


Monthly. The American Publishing Company

The American (1904)


            The American will be made what its name indicates. The articles published will be accepted because of their bearing on some basic principle or on some organic policy affecting Government. 

            The name of the writer will influence accepting contents less than will the worth of what is written. The ideas and opinions of writers will be their own, and the availability of manuscripts will in no sense be measured by the beliefs of the Editors on subjects discussed. The Editors know that questions have more than one view point.

            Discussion is desired instead of endorsement of editorial opinion.

            The Editorial work will be the opinions and ideas of the corps of editors. They will not be infallible, but error will be eliminated as far as possible in statements of fact or expression of opinions.

            The contents in entirety will be such as to merit consideration, and will be the best obtainable. Improvement of each issue over the preceding one will be the policy.

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