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Herold des Glaubens

Years in print:

1850- 1920


The Herold des Glaubens (Herald of Faith) was established in 1850 by Franz Saler. In 1875 increasing years induced Mr. Saler to sell the paper, which then fell under the control of the German Printing and Publishing Association...The Herold des Glaubens is a Catholic German weekly journal, has over thirteen thousand circulation, and is the official organ of several dioceses, besides having the endorsement of numerous dignitaries of the church, many of whom have written for it editorially and otherwise.
(From the History of St. Louis City and County by John Thomas Scharf, 1883).

"The official organ for several dioceses, [the paper] has been indorsed by complimentary approbations of twelve distinguished ecclesiastical dignitaries of the United States, and is read by the clergy as well as by almost the entire Catholic, German population of the West." Was originally Katbolisches Sonntagsblatt. Merged with Amerika.

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Herold des Glaubens


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