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The Criterion

Years in print:

1896- 1897


Former St. Louis Life. Weekly. 

A Straighforward Statement
The Criterion has now secured the collaboration of almost all the best writers, composers and artists of this city. Each number contains bright, original articles on a variety of subjects, and generally an excellent song composed especially for our publication by one of the local musicians.
The Criterion is the only paper published in this city whose policy is absolutely independent of the business office.
The Criterion is the organ of the highly cultured element of this region; on all matters pertaining to music and drama "The Criterion's" criticisms, while they probably go against the views of a large number of persons, are authoritative and well written.
The Criterion is an illustrated weekly journal, published in St. Louis. It costs five cents a copy, or two dollars a year. 

G.L. Davidson, editor/Criterion Publishing Company.
Later moved to New York.

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