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Practical Printer

Years in print:

1899- 1911


Monthly published by Inland Type Foundary

With the December issue The Practical Printer completed its fifth year. During the period of its publication many printers' trade papers have been born and have died, but The Practical Printer has steadily advanced in influence and in favor. Its present circulation is 9,250 copies monthly, which is larger, with one exception, than that of any other printers' trade paper. The publishers believe that they have by no means reached the limit, and expect, long before the year of 1904 is ended, to have a circulation far above the 10,000 mark. The Practical Printer fills a want which none of the other trade papers supply. As in the past, it will devote its efforts to the practical problem which continually confronts the printer. It asks the assistance of its subscribers to disseminate such useful information, and solicits articles on the practical side of the printing business, for which articles it will pay liberally. 

From The Practical Printer, January 1904).

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Practical Printer


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