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Liberia Advocate

Years in print:

1846- 1849?


Liberia Advocate of the Valley of the Mississippi

This paper is issued about the middle of every month by Messrs. LORD & McKEE. The editorial management is under the conduct of Rev. R.S. Finly, Secretary and Agent of the Missouri Colonization Society, assisted by a number of gentlemen friendly to the cause of African Colonization.
The design of this paper will be to disseminate correct intelligence on the subject of African Colonization, and especially to call public attention to the Commonwealth of Liberia, on the coast of Africa, and advocate its claims to the patronage and fostering care of American Christians, Philanthropists and Patriots.
The paper will contain information as to the condition, wants and prospects of Liberia: also, as to the proceedings of the American Colonization Society at Washington city and of the State and Auxiliary Societies.
The fourth page of this paper will present unusual facilities for the advertising public. Three thousand copies of the January number have been circulated, and the next issue will probably not fall short of 5,000!
Terms – This paper will be furnished to subscribers at FIFTY CENTS per annum, payable, in all cases, in advance. Any person sending us the names of two subscribers, accompanied with the money, will be allowed the third copy. Ministers of the Gospel, in good standing in their several churches, are requested to act as agents for this paper.
Subscriptions will be received by the publishers, LORD & McKEE, or by the Editor, Rev. R.S. Finly.

            (Published in the paper’s first issue, January, 1846)


Black monthly devoted to the cause of colonizing Africa by free blacks of the United States. Rev. Robert S. Finley, editor/publisher.

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Liberia Advocate


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