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Miscellany and Review

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The Miscellany and Review made its appearance in January, 1853. T.F. Risk was its editor. Each number contained fifty-six pages; it was not illustrated. It was devoted to "education, the science of government, home commerce," literature, miscellany, etc. Its articles were short and mostly selected - "intended to be of practical mien," abjuring "fancy and flowers." Only a few numbers of the Miscellany and Review were published.
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri by Alexander N. De Menil, 1901).


The Monthly Miscellany & Review is published simultaneously at Memphis and St. Louis, and issued on the First day of each month, at TWO DOLLARS per annum. If, however, payment be delayed, THREE DOLLARS will be required. Each number will contain fifty-six double column pages, with a neatly printed cover – a much larger work than is published in the South or West, at the same price.
(Originally published in The Monthly Miscellany & Review August 1853)

Risk and Ebbert, publishers.  Superceded Western Review

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Miscellany and Review


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