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Mississippi Handel's-Zeitung

Years in print:

1857- 1861


In 1857, Robert M. Widmar started the Mississippi Handel's Zeiitung (Journal of Commerce), a German paper, published weekly. It was under the editorial charge of Robert M. Widmar, Dr. Koch, and Joseph Bauer. In 1861 it was changed into an English paper, The Journal of Commerce...
[Widmar had] moved to St. Louis...and became connected with the newspaper press of St. Louis. Believeing that the German element of the city and State would sustain a first-class German paper, he commenced the publication of the Mississippi Handel's Zeitung, which he conducted with marked ability until 1861, when his office was destroyed by fire. His losses were heavy, and with a war already commenced that promised to be long and exhaustive, his business prospects were far from being bright; but within a few months he commenced the publication of the St. Louis Journal of Commerce, as successor to the Handel's Zeitung.
(From the History of St. Louis City and County by John Thomas Scharf, 1883).

​This is the only German paper west of New York that may be called a thorough commercial journal. It was established by Mr. Robert Widman (possibly Widmar) in 1857. It commenced in the very midst of great pecuniary, but has met with the most sanguine success. It has doubled its size and has a large circulation. It is a weekly sheet and under the editorial charge of Robert Widman (sic), Dr. Koch, and Joseph Baner (sic).
(From Edwards’ Great West…and A Complete History of St. Louis, 1860).

Became The Journal of Commerce and was printed in English in 1861.

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Mississippi Handels-Zeitung


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