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Publication Name:

The Missouri Argus

Years in print:

1831- 1841


The first editor of the Argus, was Judge J.B. Bowlin, who long afterward became United States minister to Colombia. In 1839, William Gilpin, afterward Governor of  Colorado, was editor. In 1841 the office passed into the hands of Abel Rathbone Corbin, thence to Shadrach  Penn...who called it the Missouri Reporter.
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri edited by Howard L. Conard, 1901).

Andrew Jackson Davis, publisher. Democratic. Sold in 1837 to Thomas and John Watson. In 1838, the paper was named the Daily Argus. In 1840, Abel Rathbone Corbin bought the paper “at the request of the Democratic Party.”  The next year, October of 1841, Shadrach Penn and V.P. Van Antwerp bought it and renamed the paper The Missouri Reporter.

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