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Naborhood Link News

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1930- 1996


Published every Friday by Edward F. Schertel.

Naborhood Link News Out of Business

By Don Corrigan

After more than 65 years of weekly publication, the Naborhood Lionk News ceased publication on Jan. 24, 1996.
The community newspaper served Lemay, Carondelet, Oakville, Mehlville, Jefferson Barracks, parts of Affton and Concord Village. In recent years, the newspaper has faced competition for advertising dollars from other community weeklies including The Weekly News, The South County Times, The Oakville Call and the Concord Call.
Vernon E. Schertel, {current} editor and publisher of the Naborhood Link News, said a combination of factors put the newspaper out of business, including soaring newsprint costs and the scrambling for advertising dollars. But Schertel put most of the blame for the Naborhood Link News obit on Old Man River, which has played havoc with the business district of Lemay in the 1990s.
“The flooding in this area really hurt us,” said Schertel. “It’s just killed a lot of our customer base and the business area that supported us. The whole Lemay business section has been flooded out twice in the last five years. Businesses have been closing or moving elsewhere. All of this, combined with the soaring price of newsprint, just points to it’s time to quit.”
In the paper’s swan song issue, Schertel noted that the publication had “survived the Depression through the hard work and tenacity of its founder, Edward and Adelaide Schertel (my grandparents). Then under the direction of Vernon G., son of  Edward and Adelaide, it was World War II…the booming50s and 60s…the near disastrous 80s. Through it all, we preserved and somehow prospered. But no longer.”
Schertel told SJR that he will desperately miss the news business. He said the paper has always preferred to print “positive news,” but has had its share of what some night call muckraking over the years. He said he went to work for his parents’ publication the day after graduation from the University of Missouri School of Journalism with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.
“We’ve closed the newspaper and the printing business as well,” said Schertel. “We have a contract on our Voorhis printing operation in Waterloo, Illinois, and we also have a contract on the building and print shop in Lemay. We’ve always done a lot of commercial printing. I don’t know if anyone will pick up the newspaper name for future publication or not.”
Schertel added a “very personal note” to his front page farewell to readers in the Jan. 24 final edition.
“Retirement is more than a decade away. But nothing I can do – or think of doing – will compare. What direction life’s pathway takes, it can’t be quite as good as this one.
“And no, there is no other job on the horizon. Anybody need a nearly 55-year-old who has had only one job all his life?”

            (Originally published in the St. Louis Journalism Review 3/1996).

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