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Le Patriote

Years in print:

1878- 1887


The first number of Le Patriote was issued in September, 1878, by Louis C. Lavat, a printer. Ireneus D. Foulon, A.M., LL. B., was its first editor. It was published weekly, and was devoted to local and general news, commercial and political matters, and literature. In the winter of 1879, Dr. Chartier ("Karl Melite") became its editor, and the paper at once grew radical in its opinions. In the spring of 1880 it passed into the hands of L. Seguenot and L. Boudinet, the former becoming its editor. It was soon known as a conservative, moderate journal that appealed to the educated and the thoughtful classes of French readers. In June, 1881, in consequence of the burning of Lavat's printing establishment, the Patriote suspended, there being no other French printing house in St. Louis at that time.
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri by Alexander N. De Menil, 1902).

Var: Patriote et le Phare des Lacs Reunis

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Le Patriote


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