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The People’s Advocate

Years in print:

1896- 1899


Merged with St. Louis County Watchman
This paper was the second of R.B. Crossman’s ventures in journalism in St. Louis county. At the time when he suspended publication of the Star-Republican in 1882, he had promised to “come again.” In 1896, fourteen years later, he commenced the publication of an avowedly Independent Republican paper at Clayton, in a new building erected for the purpose by the late-ex-Sheriff Chas. C. Garrett, and immediately inaugurated a war against alleged evils in the local government of the county, notwithstanding these were described as resulting from faults in his own party. The People’s Advocate entered upon this crusade with great energy, which was persisted in, (we quote Mr. Crossman’s own words) “with increasing vigor, until the citadel of the ‘dynasty’ was shaken to its base and tottered to its fall.” He also tells us that his fight against the “bosses” and alleged abuses in the county government, resulted in great popular interest and phenomenal growth in circulation.
Shortly after the paper was begun, a delegate convention of the Independent Republican party was held in Kirkwood, at which a full county ticket was nominated. This political warfare was carried on for over two years, and at last, in February of 1899, he sold the Advocate to a syndicate which made a proposition to purchase it.
(Originally published in the History of St. Louis County by William L. Thomas, 1911).

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