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Progressive Woman

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1994- 2003?


Progressive Woman

            The Progressive Woman, a new publication for women, made its debut in November [1994]. The 28-page publication is well laid-out and on first glance one would expect it to address issues of substance which are of concern to women.

            A closer look and a conversation with Therese Dinkelkamp, office manager (listed right after the publisher and owner Marielen Parrish), revealed that the promise of its banner may be no more than a promotional gimmick.

            “The whole purpose of the newspaper is to sell ads,” Dinkelkamp told SJR. Will they deal with issues of interest to women, such as pro-life or pro-choice issues? Oh, no. The staff has agreed, Dinkelkamp said, not to deal with these issues in order not to offend either side.

            Not only will the paper avoid such controversial issues, but Dinkelkamp was astounded at SJR’s concern that news write-ups were only given to those political candidates who had bought advertising. After all, SJR was told, they supported the paper. “I have no feeling over it,” Dinkelkamp said.

            The kind of articles which have been published, and which one can expect to find in the future, will deal with domestic violence, a husband’s relationship with his mother, buying a used car, osteoporosis, weapons and self-defense, lifeless hair, winterize your face…you get the idea.

            (The Progressive Woman is a successor to The Women’s Voice founded in 1991 by Parrish and Noreen Flaherty. They came to a parting of their ways and Flaherty is now suing Parrish and The Progressive Woman.)

            (Originally published in the St. Louis Journalism Review 12/1994).

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