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Prom Magazine

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1947- 1973


Julian H. Miller II, formerly account executive of Olian Advertising Company, has resigned to become head of a new firm, Miller Publications, Inc. The company will, among other things, publish a monthly 52-page magazine, "Prom," exclusively for the high school teenagers of Greater St. Louis and vicinity.
The magazine, which has the approval of school officials, the Associated Retailers of St. Louis, and civic leaders, will feature photographs of the dances, parties, sports and fashions at the public, private and parochial schools of this area, with a special column from each school written by a student of that school. General interest youth features covering fashions, fads, sports, records, entertainment and merchandise will be slanted particularly toward the local market.
Prom will be on sale at all news stands on the first of every month at 15 cents per copy beginning March 1. Advertisers include both local retailers and national manufacturers. No cigarette or alcoholic beverage advertising is accepted.
(Originally published in the St. Louis Advertising Club Weekly 2/3/1947).

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