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Real Estate Times

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1987- ?


Real Estate Times New St. Louis Paper

           The Real Estate Times, a new, innovative bi-weekly publication devoted to the real estate industry, will be available at more than 250 St. Louis area locations beginning February 28 [1987].

           The newspaper will provide a targeted market for real estate advertisers and will give its readers a visual at-home tour of available real estate. It will be distributed through realtors' offices, banks, savings and loans, apartment complexes, hotels and motels, supermarkets, the airport, libraries and chambers of commerce.

           "The strength of The Real Estate Times is that advertisers are assured of a select market," a spokesman for the newspaper said. "The people who pick up this publication will be doing so with a purpose - to buy or rent property."

           In addition to advertising, each issue will feature in-depth interviews with individuals prominent in the real estate industry, profiles of area communities, informative articles offering perspective on real estate-related topics and community information for area newcomers.

           (Originally published in Ad/Mag, 3/1987)

Real Estate Times Hits the Streets

            The St. Louis Business Journal has a clone – The Real Estate Times, a new bi-weekly freebie with a layout and color scheme nearly identical to that of the Business Journal. But the two papers are not related.

            “We wanted to be associated with quality,” explained associate publisher Mark J. Layton. “We didn’t begin with the idea of imitating the Business Journal; it just turned out that way.”

            Layton and his brother, Matthew J. Layton, publisher, had no journalism experience before starting The Real Estate Times. Mark, 25, was an accountant with Rubin, Brown, Gorstein, and Matt, 24, had dabbled with various business ventures before he got the idea of a paper devoted to real estate. Mark calls his brother the paper’s “brainchild.”

            The Laytons have a third partner, Ronald L. Mansfield, 25, who serves as business manager. He was formerly with McDonnell Douglas.

           “We didn’t have newspaper backgrounds,” said Mark Layton, “so we surrounded ourselves with people in production and sales who did.”

            The paper lists a production staff of ten and has three full-time ad salesmen. The rate for a one-time full-page ad is $419.

            The editorial department includes syndicated writers Ken Harney and Lew Sichelman. Harney’s column also appears in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The Real Estate Times also reprints “Ask Handyman,” a column from the Family Handyman magazine.

            Local columnists include Ron Kohl, CPA, on taxes, and Lawyer Edward J. Griesedieck on legal matters. Free-lancers fill out the rest of the paper. They are paid between $100-250 per article.

            The 40-page May 9 [1987] issue featured Joy Lomax’s description of Audubon Village, plus two interviews – Mary Kimbrough’s conversation with Henry J. Aydt, chairman of the Missouri Real Estate Commission and Linda S. Madi’s piece on Nestor R. Weigand, Jr., president of the National Association of Realtors.

            Mark Layton believes that his paper has no direct competition for readers. “We’re the only ones in town that are providing readers with a soft education in real estate,” he said. For instance, the Post’s Folio is only for new homes, Layton said.

            According to Layton, The Real Estate Times is targeted for the consumer audience. “By accident, we’re also turning into a trade paper. Eventually we may decide to serve either the profession of the home-buying public but for now, we’re looking to reach both populations.”

            The Laytons print 25,000 copies and distribute them throughout the metropolitan area. “We have plans to dramatically increase our circulation,” Mark Layton explained. By the end of the summer, we’ll be one of the largest papers in St. Louis.”

            (Originally published in the St. Louis Journalism Review 6/1987).

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