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Regular Baptist Magazine

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1875- 1885


The Regular Baptist Magazine was a forty-page monthly, the organ of the "primitive" Baptists. It was published in 1875 by E.H. Burnam.
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri by Alexander N. De Menil, 1901).

"For the defense of the truth of God and the comfort of his people."

Fifth Volume of the Magazine (published September, 1880)
The Prospectus for this volume was sent forth with, as we trust, a prayerful endeavor to commit its disposal to the direction of the All-Wise One, and to be reconciled to that decision, whatever it might be. Relying on the encouragement of old and new friends, and their promises to continue their exertions on behalf of this work, we continue it hopefully, and if the Lord will, as a lifetime labor. We earnestly trust our bretheren and friends will labor and pray for our success in spreading and defending Bible Truth. In return we promise them, by God's help, to use our best exertions to render the visits of this publication pleasant and profitable to the household of faith, to inquiring souls, and to those who are out of the way.
We hope to receive contributions on all subjects relating to the prosperity of the Church and the welfare of men generally, such as the Experience of the Christian Life, the Active Ministry, Practice and Support of the Gospel, News of the World, and the Second Personal Coming of our Lord from Heaven. According as articles shall seem to us profitable or not, we shall exercise, impartially, the editor's right to accept or reject them.
Subscribers will write their names and post offices carefully; and when a change of address is desired, they will give the State, County and Post-office from which, and also that to which, the change is to be made.
In remitting payments, send at the Editor's risk, drafts on New York or St. Louis, or Post Office orders on St. Louis, payable to the Editor. If these cannot be procured, send in Registered Letters. Subscribers are expected to remit payment upon receipt of this No. We request our friends not to send us Postage Stamps in payment unless necessary. These are accumulating on hand and are to a great extent unserviceable.
All letters and communications should be addressed to E.H. BURNAM, St. Louis, MO

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Regular Baptist Magazine


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