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1969- 1974


Replay’s Start

By Joe Pollack

            Replay began in the spring of 1969, with Steve Apted as president and publisher, and Doris Lieberman as editor. The office was in the Cheshire Inn basement, sharing space with parked cars.

            Apted started the magazine because someone convinced him it was both a potential moneymaker and an opportunity to spread the word about the variety of tennis clubs and swimming pools in which he then held interests.

            The focus was on amateur sports, with lots of pictorial coverage of local tennis and golf activities among the country club set, much the way the Ladue News covers similar news today. The masthead was heavy with local newspaper reporters. Bill Beck of the Post was a contributing writer, as were Al Delugach, Rich Koster and Sue Ann Wood of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. The Globe’s Amour Krupnik was the art director. Beck and Koster have died. Delugach retired after many years with the Los Angeles Times. Krupnik is also retired amd Wood is a member of the Post Everyday Magazine staff. Coincidentally Wood, Delugach and I had met as Mizzou frosh in 1947.

            So why do I have a copy of Vol. 1, No. 4 of Replay from September of 1969?

            Well, there’s a piece in the issue about the late and much-lamented Mill Creek Valley Athletic Union, whose Saturday softball games at the Laclede Park field, southeast corner of Laclede and Compton Avenues, became – and still are – the stuff of legends. Teammate Delugach, who teamed with Denny Walsh to win a Pulitzer Prize for the Globe, was the author, and the newspaper’s Ken Winn took the photos for the article.

            And the issue has a great picture of me in action during my days as a pitcher – blue cap, sunglasses, red shorts, glaring expression and burgeoning belly striking fear into the hearts of opponents. Winn also took a superb picture of Martin Quigley, my captain and manager, and a very good one of Sidney Russell, the long-time Muny umpire, or at least as good a picture as one can get of an umpire.

            Replay lasted about five years with Bobbi Linkemer and several others succeeding Lieberman. Greg Holzhauer became editor – and ad salesman – in 1974. Within a few months he was full-time editor and Libby Ferguson had bought the magazine – which was then called St. Louisan and later St. Louis.

(Originally published in the St. Louis Journalism Review 7/1997).

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