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The Amerika came into existence through an organization known as the German Literary Society with several hundred members. It was started in 1872 under the editorial charge of Anthony Hellmich. Dr. Edward Preuss succeeded Mr. Hellmich, and under his able direction the paper achieved marked success. The Amerika had its own field. It devoted considerable attention to religious matters in the German parishes. It had a large and loyal constituency. The business head of the paper for some years was Henry J. Spaunhorst, who was president of the German Literary Society. Mr. Spaunhorst was succeeded by William Druhe. The next business manager of the Amerika was John Peitzmeyer, son-in-law of William Druhe.
(From the History of St. Louis – The Fourth City by Walter B. Stevens, published in 1909).

It is published by an association known as the German Literary Society, embracing several hundred persons, and was started October 17, 1872. Its first officers were Hanry J. Spaunhorst, president; John H. Grefenkamp, vicepresident, and Anthony Roestein, secretary. Anthony Hellmich was the first editor, Dr. Edward Preuss, assistant. Mr. Hellmich remained in editorial charge until 1878, when he was succeeded by Dr. Preuss...The Amerika's politics have always been Democratic, but it opposed the free silver plank of the Chicago platform in 1896. 
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri edited by Howard L. Conard, 1902).

In 1872 an association known as the German Literary Society was organized for the purpose of establishing a German Democratic paper. It numbered several hundred members...The paper, Amerika, first appeared October 17, 1872. William Reinert was the business manager; Anthony Hellmich, editor; Dr. Edward Preuss, assistant editor; Charles H. Eiker, commercial editor. In 1878, Hellmich retired, and Dr. Preuss became editor...He was formerly editor of the Abend Schule, a German  weekly. Amerika publishes morning, Sunday, and weekly editions, and has a large circulation. In politics it is Democratic.
(From the History of St. Louis City and County by John Thomas Scharf, 1883).

The Amerika had its origin in the desire of a number of influential Catholic citizens of St. Louis, to have a daily paper representing their views without becoming an outspoken religious organ. With this object the German Literary Society was organized in 1872 by Henry Spaunhorst and others and the first number of Amerika issued in October of the same year.
(From Mercantile, Industrial, and Professional St. Louis by Ernst D. Kargan, 1902).

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