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Saddle and Bridle

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1923- 1965


Saddle & Bridle
Our Purpose

The sport of horse-back riding, the influence of which has been felt most strongly all over the country during the past few years, is manifesting itself in St. Louis in a greater way today than it ever has.
More people in St. Louis are riding today than ever did before. Many more are learning to ride. All are interested in the sport itself. The rest, in the important events, connected with and an outgrowth of the love for the horse (sic). The race track, which a few years ago had several hundred fans here in St. Louis, today numbers that many thousands. There is, on the other hand, the hunt, polo, and the harness horse sport.
Our horse shows in St. Louis are every day becoming more and more, real honest-to-goodness horse shows. The interest and attendance has doubled in the last five years.
Believing that there is at present, and has been for some time, a real demand for a saddle horse paper published in St. Louis for St. Louisans, the Staff of SADDLE AND BRIDLE is herewith submitting to the public its initial issue.

            (Originally published in Saddle & Bridle 11/1/1923).

M.C. Moore, editor; Mid-West Publishers, Inc.

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