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The Saint Louis Magazine

Years in print:

1963- 1969


Girard Brownlow, Jr., president; James R. Shaughnessy, editor. Name changed in 1969 to Greater Society St. Louis Magazine.


Mission Statement from the First Issue            The Saint Louis Magazine will be a monthly publication devoted to the whole range of interests of literate and effective families of the metropolitan community who, by virtue of energy, education, taste, income and good luck set the pace and tone of life in St. Louis and St. Louis County.
In 29 other American cities magazines directed toward an equivalent audience are being published with conspicuous success. There is a demonstrable economic and social role for a medium shared by the interesting and interested doers of the community.
As a literate, lively journal, The Saint Louis Magazine will stimulate the interest and extend the knowledge of aware St. Louisans in all that relates to the growing excitement of life in our town – people, politics, business, art, music, books, education, philosophy, fashion, history, entertainment, travel, philanthropy, science, society and resort life.
Because St. Louisans of the kind we’re talking about are among the most discriminating, critical and exacting audiences in the world who would rather do without than accept something less that first-rate, The Saint Louis Magazine will have to succeed by deserving success.
The standards of our future issues will be high. We believe the talents needed to make the magazine’s success, literary and visual talents, established and new talents, are available here in St. Louis, nationally and internationally. This publication proposes to engage and encourage such talents.
The Saint Louis Magazine, Inc., is a Missouri corporation. Girard P. Brownlow, Jr. is Publisher and President. James R. Shaughnessy is Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher. Richard M. Ross is Business and Circulation Manager. Members of the Board of Directors, in addition to the above three, are: James B. Orthwein, Lemoine Skinner, Jr., Harry W. Newhard, and Courtney Shands is acting general Counsel.

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