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St. Louis Chinese Journal

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Chinese Journal Serves Its Community

By Chris Chi

            Located at 8517 Olive Blvd., the Chinese Journal has been publishing since about 2008.

            The director/editor of the paper is Wen Hwang Hsia, a co-founder. She had previously been editor of a Chinese magazine in St. Louis that went out of business.

            The Chinese Journal distributes about 8,000 free copies, mainly in stores and shops, and includes national, international and celebrity news provided by a cooperative based in Houston, Hsia said.

            “We provide more information about Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, but also have local news,” she said.

            Hsia also operates mortgage company and is a real estate agent.

            She said there are about 50,000 ethnic Chinese in the St. Louis area, many of them living in west St. Louis County, and a great number own businesses or have professional positions.

            “They want to get news about their home country and towns,” she said.

            (Printed with permission of the St. Louis Journalism Review. Originally published 8/2007).

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