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St. Louis County Wachter

Years in print:

1870- 1910


“The Wachter is the only German paper in St. Louis County and has the largest circulation of any newspaper published in this county.”
A newspaper published in the German language was established by Mr. C. W. Eck, who founded the County Wachter, of Clayton, a German newspaper, recently [1910] discontinued. In 1879, Frank W. Rauchenstein, a bright and practical young journalist, became associated with Eck in the German paper, and in 1884, became sole owner of same by purchasing the interest of Eck. The phenomenal growth of the county and the consequent demand  for a first-class English paper, induced Rauchenstein to issue the County Watchman which he published with great success in conjunction with the Wachter until the time of his premature death in 1900. Both these papers, together with the Advocatem which had, in the meantime, spring up then, were purchased by Frederick Essen, a young and rising man with political aspirations.
(Originally published in the History of St. Louis County by William L. Thomas, 1911).

Sometimes spelled Waechter.

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St. Louis County Wachter


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