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St. Louis Daily Journal

Years in print:

1871- 1876?


St. Louis Daily Journal

James William Buel and Joseph A. Dacus

            This paper is an outgrowth of the old Journal of Commerce, a weekly newspaper established in 1858. About 1871, Mr. W.V. Wolcott, in connection with some other gentlemen, conceived the project of establishing a daily newspaper. The Journal was commenced as an afternoon paper, under the editorial management of Mr. Hume, a versatile and forcible writer. The proprietors had many obstacles to surmount, but they succeeded in placing the evening Journal on a paying basis. Afterward, about 1875-6, the Journal was changed into a morning paper, and assumed a place in the public esteem which was the prophecy of the steady growth which has marked its subsequent history. The Journal may now be regarded as a firmly established institution; and the sprightliness of its local department and the ability of its editorial articles have secured for it not only a large circulation, but no little influence in giving direction to public opinion. Mr. Hume has been editorial director since the commencement of the publication of the paper. Major Emory S. Foster is the chief editorial writer on the Journal.

            (From A Tour of St. Louis, Or The Inside Life of A Great City, 1878).

Var.: St. Louis Weekly Journal, Daily Journal, St. Louis Journal.


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East St. Louis Daily Journal


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