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Publication Name:

St. Louis Daily News

Years in print:

1881- 1882


A morning paper with this title appeared Nov. 6, 1881. It was a seven-column quarto, was modeled upon the New York Sun, and sold for two cents a copy. It was Democratic in politics, and among its stockholders were several capitalists of that political complexion. Edwin Harrison was president of the publishing company, George Mills was vice-president and secretary, and Thomas Smith was treasurer and business manager. George Mills was managing editor; R.A. Dyer, telegraph and sporting editor; E.A. Skeel, news editor; George Kelly, commercial editor; George Eddy, city editor; John Hodnett, advertising and circulation agent. The paper was well edited, but the financial management was unsuccessful, and in March, 1882, it ceased to exist, having sunk from twenty-five thousand to thirty thousand dollars in its short but animated career.
(From the History of St. Louis City and County by John Thomas Scharf, 1883).

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St. Louis Daily News and Daily Hotel Reporter
St. Louis Daily News
St. Louis Daily News (strike)


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