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St. Louis Daily News

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Published by the Newspaper Inter-union Conciliation Committee. Only five issues published. Strike paper.

"Your new newspaper - the St. Louis Daily News - makes its bow today in response to an emergency. This emergency was created by the failure of the St. Louis Publishers Association to resolve a labor dispute which it has had under discussion for 20 months.
"Rather than compromise their differences with the carriers' union, the publishers chose to abandon their responsibilities to the people of St. Louis by suspending publication of the Globe-Democrat, the Post-Dispatch and the Star-Times.
"The blackout of news which ensued has had far-reaching effects. One of them is the Daily News...Our paper is staffed by the locked-out employes of the three dailies."
(St. Louis Daily News 9/1/1945)

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St. Louis Daily News and Daily Hotel Reporter
St. Louis Daily News
St. Louis Daily News (strike)


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