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The St. Louis Democrat

Years in print:

1844- 1875


         In 1853 William McKee got control of the Democrat. Associated with him were Daniel M. Houser and George W. Fishback. McKee and Houser, dissatisfied with Fishback’s management, withdrew and founded the Globe. Later they merged the two as the Globe Democrat. The name Democrat was retained even though the paper has always been what we call Republican.

            (From The St. Louis Story by McCune Gill, 1952.)

Belle Finlayson

By W.A. Kelsoe

            Before my time in St. Louis the old Democrat, one of the ancestors of the Globe-Democrat, had in its local department a lady reporter named Belle Finlayson. I never met her, to my knowledge, and the little information I now have of her I am indebted to the St. Louis Star and the paper’s feature editor, Harry. G. Lidstone. In his “50 Years Ago” news, published daily on the editorial page of the Star, he has mentioned Miss Finlayson several times. It seems that she was one of the Democrat’s regular reporters in 1872…In a list of St. Louis periodicals late in the [Eighteen] Sixties and early in the [Eighteen] Seventies I found Miss Finlayson reported among the owners of and contributors to a literary journal.

            (Originally published in the St. Louis Reference Record 1927).

Paper is the former Old School Democrat. Vespasian Ellis, editor. He departed August 30, 1844. 



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