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St. Louis Dining

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1984- 1986


For its debut number, St. Louis Dining, a new St. Louis magazine, lunched with Jack Carney. In its second number, publisher Greg Holzhauer supped with KMOX-TV anchor, now ex-anchor, Steve Schiff. “Last Course” was the name of the column featuring Schiff.
Is it true restaurants now empty at the sight of the editors of Dining with patrons fearing The Kiss of Death? Of course not, Silly.
Actually, Dining is a nice special-interest package stuffed with interesting reviews of local food factories and the people who make them work.
We solicited an interview with Holzhauer and editor (and wife) Kathy Flood, but we were gently but firmly refused.
(Originally published in the St. Louis Journalism Review 4/1985). 

Dining Update

In search of the latest issue of St. Louis Dining?
The last issue to appear, to our knowledge, was issue nine, which has a 1986 copyright. The next issue should have appeared on the stands in March.
Whether the bi-monthly publication is experiencing problems or has just been “on break” could not be determined. St. Louis Dining editor Greg Holzhauer would not talk to SJR.
The last issue, which featured great recipes from St. Louis area restaurants, offered an interesting assortment of items, even for the occasional Dining reader.
Along with the usual highbrow material you’d expect from a dining publication, such as the article on John Mineo and Paul Manno’s new spot at the One City Center building downtown, readers could find in the last issue a short piece on fast foods of the month; a fun reader quiz called “Pass the Quizine” along with a short article on how to “biting the boroughs” or a sampling of New York restaurants.
The lead story of the last issue featured published Greg Holzhauer’s 40th birthday party. If the publication has anything to hide, at least it’s not the top executive’s age.
(Originally published in the St. Louis Journalism Review 5/1987).


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