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St. Louis Dispatch

Years in print:

1864- 1874


The St. Louis Dispatch, the leading evening paper, is a successor of the Evening News, formerly published by Charles G. Ramsey, Esq. The Dispatch was successfully conducted for a time by William McHenry and Peter L. Foy. It was subsequently sold to other parties, Mr. D. Robert Barclay becoming one of the purchasers. The parties holding a majority of the stock placed the management of the paper in the hands of Hon. Stilson Hutchins, who moved the office to the Times Building, corner of Fifth and Chestnut streets. It is a sprightly, newsy paper, and has a good circulation in the city.
(From Mercantile, Industrial, and Professional St. Louis by Ernst D. Kargan, 1902).

Published daily, tri-weekly and weekly.  

Var: Dispatch, St. Louis Daily Union.

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St. Louis Dispatch
St. Louis Dispatch
St. Louis Post and Dispatch


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